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  • Africa Alive Education Foundation

    When people do things they are passionate about, magic happens.

    17 million AIDS orphans in Africa need our help. How will you respond to them?

    Getrude Matshe has formed the Africa Alive Education Foundation a non-profit organisation;

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    to provide safe homes and education for children who have lost their family to AIDS. For the price of a cup of coffee, you could send a child to school for a month. $500 can build a family a home. Whether you can spare $5 or $5,000, you are changing the lives of children in Africa.

    Coming Together to Uplift the Entire Community
    Our projects are developed specifically for the communities we live in, through the active participation of our members, young and old. Unlike other programs, our goal is to keep children from large families together on their homesteads and in their communities. Your contribution will support not just an individual child, but will help an entire family meet its basic needs.

    Our grassroots training program empowers the community with critical life skills. Participants learn how to make bricks, window frames, door frames, and roof tiles. The community builds houses for the children, funded by a micro-loan for construction materials. Their payment for the work enables them to repay the micro-loan. Each home can house eight children and a foster mother or family-appointed caregiver.

    Communities also learn to sew school uniforms and clothing for the children. All our projects are aimed at empowering communities with income by generating skills—uplifting entire communities by caring for their children.

    We are working together to provide social, economic and educational support for orphans and other vulnerable children within our communities. In so doing, we are also learning from one another, as we foster new skills and partnerships to improve the quality of all our lives.

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